Sunday, February 15, 2009

Murat Playing Peek-A-Boo

We just received the following video from one of our traveling families who, along with another one of our families, met with Murat on 02-15-09 (today)!!! It appears that Murat was performing for the small crowd of five! This is the first time we have heard Murat's voice, let alone his laugh - it is priceless! Enjoy:

And here are a couple of pictures of Olga putting the Old Navy cap on our little man's head...which mommy just noticed they recently shaved...well not bald at least!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ellison's 'Kazakhstan' Song!!!

People always ask us if we've prepared Ellison for the adoption and how she feels about it. Keeping in mind that Ellison is just a tad over 2 years old, I feel like she is doing pretty good with what she does know. She can identify Matt from any picture - new or addition to any video. She calls him 'silly boy' when she watches his video. At times, she will specifically request to 'watch Matt' and her latest accomplishment is the word KAZAKHSTAN! Yes, Ellison can say it and if you ask her where Matt is she will reply with "Kazakhstan' every time. The attached video is what ensued after asking Ellison this question on Tuesday night....not only can she say it, but she wrote a song about it! Here is our little musical prodigy in action...ENJOY! To view it, please visit the following 'You Tube' video link:

And if that wasn't enough, here is another:

Yes, the singing went on and on and on and on...or as Ellison says, 'again' and 'again' and 'again'...