Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Matt's Eating Videos from June 22, 2009
Sorry for the delay in getting these uploaded. I gave up on uploading them to the blog or facebook and moved on to You Tube. If you want to see them, then just click on the links below. ENJOY!!!

(Just Eating...)

(Eating and Smiling at Mama & Papa...)

Monday, June 29, 2009

We Miss you baby doll!!!
Here's one for you....love mommy and daddy...
who love you toooooo much!!!!

June 29, 2009 - Day 20 - Our Little Painter Boy!!!
(...finally a pair of overalls that FIT!!!!)

Matt's newest thing is to close all doors behind the 3 of us as we leave or enter the BH! It is so cute!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday June 27th - A Trip to Central Park
(Followed by Pics from our AM Visit to Matt!)

A Kazakh Perfomance at Central Park...free nonetheless!

Balloon Popping Game - she won!

The ferris wheel...some of you may know who that is waving?!?

Very cool slide...I went down and I can't tell if that is me at the top behind the kids patiently waiting my turn, but at one point - it was. I know, I act like a 3 year old at times. It was FUN!!!

So I finally found a Kazakh Turtle - ha ha - here is the design up close. Of course I sat on it and took a pic (while Rusty was buying PEVA/BEER) but can't share it as I look like a big 'special' person - ha ha!
A Kaz Yurt - you can eat inside of it for 300 Tenge (or $2 US), followed by a Kaz Clause? This I found in Central Park so I guess they do have a Santy Clause here too?!?!

For those of you who still do not understand...it is a Water Closet, as in toilet!
We have been in Kaz since June 7th and this is honestly the FIRST time we have seen a squat pot. The pic to the right is where we rinsed after using it. No, there was not any soap! Eww...

The Oral River and the Kaz Flag that flew in the back of our boat.

Our AM Visit to see Murat:
Our crazy boy, running around like the free spirit he is!!!
Now listen papa, I'm only gonna say this once. I want my juice or else somebody's gonna get popped...and that somebody ain't me or mama...do you understand?
SIGH....if you want anything done right, you just gotta do it yourself!!! Now where the heck does Papa hide that juice.....help mama!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

June 26, 2009 - Visiting Day #17

Hmm, is this really what a papa looks like?!?! he he

Hey MAMA!!!!!
June 25 - Day 16 of Visits - Silly Boy!!!
(Recognize anything Janet?!?)

Matt was being silly and laid on the ground. Too cute for words!

Before he laid down, he posed for mama!

Here he is doing a new move - I think it was a jump actually. Mommy and him have been working on that!

Matt loved this so much that when we were done he would come up to us (well wobble up to us as he was super dizzy) and put his head down. This is how he talks to us - he was saying, turn me over again and spin me. Mommy made the game up because mommy's are more fun! ha ha

Shadow Figures!

Matt was fascinated by these older boys, AKA "Playground Crashers". They are not orphans...they just came in from the streets. I was actually surprised by it! It seems that anybody can walk in off the streets. They were cute though! Oh and the other pic is of the one I call CUTE-E-PIE...I couldn't help but get one of him in that cute little jacket!

Matt has this game that he plays with us whenever we enter one of these verandas as Olga calls them (there are several of them). He runs into the right corner and waits for us to come around the corner and then he'll stand there and giggle. It is so cute. He goes straight for the corner everytime and we have to come and 'find' him. He is too funny!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 24, 2009 - AM VISIT

Hmm, there is something small and yellow in that car - is it a bird???? NO!!! Is it a plane???? NOOO!!! IT'S A KIRILL AND RUSTY SAID WE COULD GET HIM TOO but he is not up for adoption. He has a mama that visits..... = (