Monday, September 21, 2009

Jeep Ride 09-05-09

Less than a month home and Matt was behind the wheel - well not literally - Ellison was actually driving - Matt was in charge of the gas! I thought it was so cute that Ellison and Matthew worked together to operate the vehicle. Matt, with his long legs, pushed the gas, while Elli, with her short arms, steered RATHER POORLY I might add. It was a little scary for mom, but the kids had a blast. Looks like we'll be adding one of these to Matt's Christmas Wish List!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I apologize to everyone for taking THIS LONG to post an update. Rusty and Murat (now Matt, Jr.) arrived home in Atlanta, GA on August the 15th, 2009 at 4:00pm. Life has been a chaotic whirlwind ever since but things are beginning to really calm down and we are ALL doing great. Ellison and Matt have bonded since the moment they saw each other at the airport and they are becoming the best of friends. Thank you to everyone who has followed us on our journey to bringing Murat home and becoming a family of four. We are so thankful to everyone for everything you ALL did to help us reach this dream. Matt has only been home one month, but it already feels like he has always been here. We could not be happier - we are now complete!!!!! The pictures below are from August 15th as the boys touched down in the good old USA...
The face of a girl who misses her daddy - it has been SEVENTY days!!!
Ellison waiting patiently for her daddy and brother
to come up the escalators...
Reunited - Ellison finds her daddy!

And Matt finds a Nana and Grandpa with open arms!
Hey Nana, Love You!

Okay Nana, your time is up - gotta go meet my sis!
Hey Sis, where have you been all my life?
Hey good to see you!!! Let me at those cheeks!
Going in for the hug...
The Hug!
The Kiss - AKA Mom's Favorite Picture!!!
First Family Picture (at the Atlanta Airport) - thank you Amelia for reminding me to do this!!! We have not taken another since...he he - it is on the dreaded 'TO DO' list!

What the boys saw as we pulled into the have to look past the overgrown trees!
Thank you to Ellison, Nana, Grandpa, Aunt Angie & Little Jason
for coloring the banner that mommy created!!!

Thank you, Miriam, for putting up the sign to announce our little man's arrival!

Hey, who invited this guy???

Ahh what the heck, I'll pose with you, but it's gonna cost ya!
Are these all for me?!? Where do I start???
A Very Handsome Venom...
SPIDERTHUGS-TWO is always better than ONE!!!
Hey, spiderthugs have to eat too!!!
...and sleep (okay so maybe I helped their hands into position...)

Precious...Priceless...our family is COMPLETE.