Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rocco Breakthrough!!!!
One dog down, some 75 million to go...
Mommy came home to the most shocking site yesterday evening - Matt was running around the house chasing after and shouting for ROCCO. Now for those of you who have yet to meet Matt, you cannot fully appreciate the magnitude of that one sentence! Matt is TERRIFIED of ALL animals - this includes those of the very smallest of sizes to those of the very biggest of sizes. For example, on September 27th, we had to leave the park in Savannah after Matt spotted a squirrel. He immediately ran to me, jumped into my arms and gestured for me to stand up and hold him to protect him from the small and harmless little creature. Just yesterday morning in fact, Matt pulled back when I came in the house holding Rocco and Matt pointed at him and said ROCCO OUTSIDE! So you can imagine my surprise upon opening the front door that evening to see Matt and Rocco on the same floor of the house together, not to mention TOUCHING!

Rusty gets credit for this breakthrough - as he went on to explain how he had been having 'sessions' with Matt, Ellison, Himself and Rocco everyday since Matt's arrival. Daddy is soooo proud of his little boy, as is mommy of course, and I'm sure that Ellison is too.

Now as for Rocco - I think he liked it better when Matt ran from him! ha ha ha

Enjoy the pics and video - I know I did!!!!!!!!!