Monday, August 10, 2009

The Matt's (Sr. & Jr.) Arrived Safely in Almaty
Hi Everyone - just a quick note to say that the boys are now in Almaty, having just flown over from Uralsk at 9:40am today (their time). I got a call from Rusty this morning (in Almaty they are now 10 hours ahead of our time) and he said that Matt did surpringly well on the flight over. Of course, he exclaimed 'Kaka' just as the plane took off, meaning he had to go potty. Rusty couldn't get him to the pot for a good 20-30 minutes and our sweet boy held it the entire time. Rusty said he's never seen so much pee pee in his life. Matt Jr. didn't cry at all and slept a bit and only got a little tense when an announcement was made just before they landed, as the intercom jolted him awake and the plane was very bumpy. Poor little guy!! But they are good, and they will arrive home ON U.S. SOIL on Saturday, August the 15th at 4:00pm! Ellison and I cannot wait! Here are a few pics from back in July as papa is not as good at uploading as was mama!!!

In the car, leaving the babyhouse...he didn't say a word...

Drinking from a 'big boy cup'...

Playing at the sink, AKA 'Heaven!'

Zonked Out - long day - so cute!!

Still sleeping with mama watching over - Yes, I swear he was asleep here - his little eyes don't close all the way all of the time when he is asleep! I was so anxious to see Matt sleep and when I finally got to (pictured here) I just couldn't take my eyes off his precious little face!