Friday, November 7, 2008

Murat in Kaz 11-07-08
The Rest of His Pictures...finally!

Murat smiling for the camera!

Murat zoning out while having his temple's massaged!

"Excuse Me, Who are you again? Okay, you can hug me!"

Murat posing for the camera followed by his 'CHIN UP' picture, which mommy loves - look at our little 'Kaz Man'!


Emily said...

Love the new pics! Thanks so much for updating!!!

Christel, Jerry, Alex and Anthony said...

He's getting so big and stuff! He really looks good! I hope travels come fast!! :)

tallgirlkk said...

Hi, I got your comment on our blog and saw your link to this blog. I do remember him from our trip in the summer. What a cutie he is, I think when we saw him I thought he had a lazy eye or crossed eyes, is that all? Steve and I spent everyday @ the playground as we were there in August and he was outside everyday. The children were all so happy and healthy.

Congratulations on the upcoming travel. Since you are going to Uralsk, I'd recommend, ff you can stay @ the Pushkin Hotel as it is very nice and they do everything they can to make sure all the adoptive families are comfortable.

If you want to contact me directly, email me @

Kelly, Steve & George Sarandis

Jessica and Chris said...

I love all the pictures! he is so handsome. I know he will be so excited to meet his mommy and daddy! We are praying for a speedy LOI :)