Thursday, May 28, 2009

LOI Received!!!!!!!

I came into work this morning to find our LOI (Letter of Invitation) on the fax machine. Our partners in Kazakhstan had it signed today actually (they are 10 hours ahead of us) and they immediately faxed us a copy as is normal procedure. Now, I have removed many an LOI from our fax machine as I have been with WPA/IAG since August of 2002 and in that time frame I have had the honor of helping hundreds of families in their adoption process, but I must say, removing THAT LOI from our fax was one of my most exciting moments here! That one little piece of paper means so very much in our process. Without it, we cannot enter Kazakhstan which of course means, we would never be united with our son. We are so excited...still Kaz bound on June 5th. Keep all of your fingers and toes crossed - we are purchasing our airline tickets today!!!!! Murat, here we come!!!!


Jennifer M said...

Aw... I have tears in my eyes. So happy for you. I bet that was a momentous occasion- not one many families EVER get to experience! lol!!

Forever more I will be thinking of your LOI when I think of my dossier. :-)


Jessica and Chris said...

Hey! Linda and Jessica here....We are so excited for you!!! Keep us updated on your trip. We will be watching your blog daily :) So excited!!!! The weather here has been great so I am sure it is the same in Uralsk. There is occasional rain and a cold day - I hope it is really nice so you guys can go outside and play all the time!!!

Baby Kaz Moore said...

Temple, hi! I found your blog!!!! Cool news!!!! Congratulations, all the best,

Susan and Griffin Moore (my Petropavlovsk little guy)