Friday, July 24, 2009

July 11, 2009 - Mama's Little Berry Picker
Matt picking cherries from the tree that sits behind the swings on the playground...
These pictures are from one of my last visits to the babyhouse (remember I left not soon after to return to the states and my Ellison). Matt is the tallest in his group and he was so determined to pick every cherry in site. All the while the caregivers were yelling at him to 'stop', well at least that is what Papa thinks, but mama thougth it was altoghter too cute to put an end to. He'd pick a cherry, stick it in his mouth, get what he wanted out of it (just that first delicious taste), pull it back out and feed it to me or his friends. Mama quickly talked Matt into feeding Adalzhan (pictured here) and Nastya instead! Ha ha - it was adorable...Here is a short video clip too!

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