Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June 30 - Afternoon Visit:
Fun on the Playground with Mama
This was so cute....Matt and I got bombarded by this group of kids as it was there time on the playground at the end of my visit (oh papa was sick today). They all wanted the swings we were playing by. So I scooted Matt's little butt over and helped another one on. Matt was all for it, surprising mama, as usually the kids can be a bit territorial once they are on a beloved swing! And so I did not stop at my own son....and moved on to Kirill's swing...he he. He is small but don't let his size full you. Kirill knows what he wants and speaks in full sentences. He is like a little man trapped in a little boy's body. I was even more surprised when he allowed me to scoot him over to make room for another on the swing that he had claimed!

Here are the other two, Kirill is on the right.

Throwing sand at mama from the sandbox. When I said he is 'all boy', I meant 'ALL BOY'!
But he is a little sweetie and has finally learned (well almost) not to throw it on us or in our faces. We have been using the word NYET (NO) a lot but he is getting it. Now his little buddy Aldy, is another story - that boy threw so much sand all over me and Matt yesterday that I could just eat him up (he is a pudgey little dude that the caregivers call Balsac for bread!!)
Eating Puffs...

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