Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th 2009 - No fireworks but lots of fun!
Check out how mama taught Matt to wear his bag like a back pack. Isn't he the cutest and coolest kid in Kaz!!!! (we think so anyway) PS-this prompted us to go out and buy him a backpack - it is more 'christmas story'ish (followers of the movie will know what I mean) as it is a gray furry mouse. Matt wants absolutely nothing to do with it...ha ha-smart boy!
Maternity Hospital #2 where one Matthew Russell Post, Jr. was born, under a different alias of course!!
Just laughing at papa!!!!

Mr. Precious making a creation of his own!

Matt cleaning up, every single piece - there are 208!!! We are unsure it he has a touch of OCD or if this is really FUN for him?!?!
Hmm, will this fit ma?

Matt in the corner of the veranda where he runs and waits for us to come and find him. It is all giggles when we get to him!

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Baby Kaz Moore said...

Hi Temple!! I'm so glad to read that all is going well for your and Matt. He is a cutie! Take care, Susan Moore