Sunday, July 26, 2009

Matt is 'officially' our son!!!!!
AKA 'Mr. Man'
...IS NOW A POST!!!!
I just wanted to post to share the wonderful news that as of approximately 18 hours ago (Kaz time) or at approximately 3:01 pm on Saturday July 25th, we completed the 15 day 'waiting period' and Matt officially became our son - meaning that there is nothing or nobody (ie: his birth mom) that can stand in the way of it now. We are so excited - he is such a perfect fit and such a beautiful boy!
He and Rusty will begin his exit paperwork. They will then head off to Almaty on August the 10th to complete all the other stuff and they will be done on the 14th. If all goes as planned we should ALL be reunited on Saturday August the 15th.
Last night, Ellison and I had 'movie night' (something Rusty and I usually do together). The movie had a few small 'scary' parts and she would look at me just after (and even turn my head to look at her) and say, 'You Okay?' and then she'd move on to Duke (the cat) asking him the same, 'You okay Duke'. She is so darn sweet and caring and motherly that I cannot see her NOT doing great with Matt. There was a part of the movie in which a little girl was hurt and crying and Ellison looked so concerned while saying, 'I wanna help her. Let's go help her. And then she can come to my house'. She also made several (fake) phone calls during the movie, to Aunt Angie, Uncle Jason, Daddy and Matt telling Matt 'Paka Paka Matt, I love you'. Oh and then just after her chats she looked at me very sincerely and said, 'I promise to be nice to Matt. I'll share my toys'.
Well she is up and I have to go...or as she puts it: 'come on baby, you gotta go to sleep!' I'm not really sure why I have to go back to bed (I just got up) but I am sure that I am about to find out!
Love to all - Temple!!!!


Jennifer M said...

Congratulations on being a family of 4 officially and legally!! Yay! Awesome news. I can't wait to see Matt and Ellison together. She sounds so sweet! :-)

chiggins said...

Congratulations... I still remember what an awesome feeling that was!!!

Jacqueline said...

Congratulations! We have been following your blog as we prepared for our trip. Matt, Jr. is such a sweeetie. We are in Kaz until Aug 7th (Taldy Korgan) adopting a special needs boy too. Blog is at Susan Collins sent us your link. Jacqueline

Marcacci's said...

Temple, What wonderful news. I had no idea. Congratulations. A family of 4 is a great thing!!!

Mike said...

We are SO happy for you! Congratulations! I remember when you first mentioned little Murat, and now he is your son! What a lucky little boy. Can't wait to see him in his new home with his sister. Much love, The Collins Family

Gayle said...

Congrats!!! Only days until you are together as a family. Good luck to Rusty & Matt on the flight home...bring lollypops.