Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Temple & Rusty Arrived in Uralsk

This is Nicole writing this blog. Temple just called me.!!! (10 PM Tuesday & it is
8:30 AM Wednesday there). They just arrived in Uralsk and are about to go meet Matt in about an hour and a half ( their time 11 AM & our time 11:30). I was so excited to talk to Temple, I forgot the exact time difference she told me, but I think it's 10 hours or so. But basically by the time we all get up in the morning on Wednesday, June 10th, her & Rusty will have met him!!!! She asked me to send out this blog because she doesnt have internet access right now, but will soon. She promises to upload pictures ASAP!!!! I told her that she better or else!!!! I'm just so happy for them right now, I dont know how I'm gonna sleep...lol....but look for pictures to be up this week for sure. I cant wait to meet Matt myself. Good night everyone!!!

PS- If I hear from her again, I will update the blog for her & let everyone know what is up.

Nicole :)

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Angela said...

Yippee! Can't wait to read about your first meeting with Matt and see updated pics!