Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day Five - Afternoon Visit:
Danimals Yogurt & Spongebob

Murat was so sweet today. He had some 'papa's boy' moments - like this one in which he fed papa water. Meanwhile, mama was very thirsty and in need of a drink BUT that did NOT stop her boys from drinking ALL of the water!!!!! (Oh yes and the mohawk is compliments of mama and YES these are pajamas but I couldn't resist!)

Here are a couple of pictures of Murat drinking the forbidden food that we sneak to him. This morning we were again (2nd screw up) told not to feed Murat as he had yet another poo poo accident. We are thinking that perhaps one of our vitamin juice drinks gave him diarreah because he is very potty trained otherwise. That or he has issues with poop like our Ellison. He would not let the yogurt drink go until it was gone. He loved it. He expects juice from us now so not giving it to him is not really an option for us....he he...we will continue to take the heat for our boy! I mean, as you can see, he obviously doesn't get fed enough - ha ha ha! Kidding! We plan to sit in on him eating lunch or dinner and we are pretty sure that we will see our Murat's hands stretching across the table on to his neighbors plate to swipe a roll.

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Crutch said...

Are you being a bad mama?? :) Sneaking food to your baby? I mean he certainly doesn't appear to be lacking in the weight department - hahaha. Just kidding!
Our kids expect food too! I would highly suggest sitting in on feeding time. Ours didn't go as planned but it is getting much better now. We are wishing you guys the best and have enjoyed your blog. We can't see the video from our dial up internet in the apartment but plan to use wifi soon to watch them. Talk to you soon!
Jessica and Chris