Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 24, 2009 - AM VISIT

Hmm, there is something small and yellow in that car - is it a bird???? NO!!! Is it a plane???? NOOO!!! IT'S A KIRILL AND RUSTY SAID WE COULD GET HIM TOO but he is not up for adoption. He has a mama that visits..... = (


Anita said...

Great photos, looks like you guys had a good day! I hope your court date is soon and that it goes well; although, I have no doubts that it will. Matt looks so big in that photo where he's sitting on your lap!

Kathy Reardon said...

Temple, thanks for letting me follow along. Makes me miss my time in Uralsk. I hope everything goes well and your court date is soon. Congratulations on Matt. He is beautiful with so much personality!

Kathy Reardon

Gayle said...

So absolutely adorable!!! Can't wait to start following along. And yes, it does make me want to go back for #2 :)