Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Murat's Friends:
Look what we have to leave behind...hard to say the least!!!

Katya - the caretaker (blonde) actually got excited and asked me to take the 2nd pic above!

Names Unknown - they are looking at our 'machina' (car) thus the confusion on their faces.

Adalzhan (Murat's Buddy)
Name Unknown (has a mama)
Group Shots - Kirill on far left in first pic, Adalzhan sitting in 2nd pic
I call this one Cute-E-Pie!!! I don't know his name or if he has a mama.
Serozhah in Green Mickey Mouse - he has C.P. and is in Matt's group - he is a sweetheart.
Others - names unknown but I'm guessing they have mama's that visit?!?
Kirill - has a mama that visits - so smart & hilarious! He is holding my bubbles that I gave him today. He went off and blew them everywhere. He is always getting into trouble w/caregivers and gets a lot of time outs because like Murat, he is naughty...ha ha...or just head of the pack!

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Jessica and Chris said...

They are all so beautiful! Hopefully you can find mama's for those who don't have one :)