Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday, June 13th - Visit #4

We visited Murat today from 10 to 11. Today when we came to his room for him he smiled and then ran for the door that connects to the room that he sleeps in, which then connects to the door to the stairs to outside. He knows that we go through that door...problem is he is in his underwear (green boxers today) and we first had to dress him. He knows this too! Today Rusty picked out the outfit - a goofy shirt and khaki shorts. His caregiver mostly dressed him (he is still hesitant to let us do it fully) but mama and papa put his shoes on for him and he let us. His feet are enormous by the way - size 9 in US...but really a 9.5. In Kazakhstan he wears a 26. Would be better off in a 26.5 but no half sizes so we got him a 27 in his new sandals - the caregivers said his brown shoes were too hot!

Today, Murat LET US take him out the door with little trouble. He was also willing to let us hold his hand but I opted to carry him. He let me do that too. He was in a good mood and even played with papa over my shoulder while I carried him down the stairs and on to the playground. We had a great visit. Oh and I forgot to add...he LOVES these blue sunglasses we got him and his blue hat. He does not leave the BH without them...we are wondering if the glasses help his eyes - perhaps they are sensitive to the sun.

So everyday we have been sneaking Murat (well not really sneaking-they allow it) a juicebox containing a crushed up vitamin. He loves them...only didn't like the carrot one! To get him out of the swing all we have to say is 'juice?' and he is more than willing. He slurps it down...learned how to use a straw within minutes. He loves his juice. Yesterday after drinking his juicebox he moved on to our water and was willing to drink it all but we stopped him. If he has an accident in the BH they will tell us no more juice/water so we are trying to prevent that...and yes, he is fully potty trained. The other day he had a poo poo accident and so we were asked to give him no more food! We sneak it in though! Bad mama and papa.

We spend our visits at the bench going through the backpack, on the swings - he loves them and will now point to the swings beside his and say mama or papa (as best he can) meaning 'you swing too'. It is so cute...when we get in it, he smiles! He is also big into the slide. He likes us to chase him onto it (HE JUMPS ONTO IT MOST TIMES) and then he will look back until we come down behind him and bump into him. It is so cute...he is a delight and with each passing day he lets us in a little more. We have moments that are great and then others where he goes back to his "nyet" (NO) stage where the caregivers are what he wants.

We have noticed that he responds much better to us when they (the caregivers) are not on the playground or around in general. He is very attached to a few of them. The other day, his favorite one came out (or so it seems she is) and he gave me the cold shoulder (near the end of our visit) and ran up to her. She was sitting on the bench with a kid already between her legs. Well Murat pushed him aside and placed himself there. He is so funny - so strong...sometimes a bully but we are teaching him that that behavior is wrong. He is much bigger than the majority of the kids in his group so it is hard for him to not bully I guess.

We love our boy...we miss everyone. Ellison we love and miss you immensely! I will post pictures in the next post.


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