Wednesday, June 10, 2009


WE MET OUR BOY TODAY AND I know you all are dying to know how our first meeting went - it went GREAT - we are both totally in love with the little dude. When they first brought him into the office he was screaming and pulling away. He he - he wanted nothing to do with us! This is actually a good reaction for him to have...we expected it...they probably told him we were mama and papa and he knew what that meant - leaving everything he knows! So instead of meeting in the office we moved to his room with his group or groupa as they say it. We followed Murat and his caretaker up the stairs and to his room. He was still shy and afraid of us but he began to let up a bit with every passing minute.

We hung out in the room for a bit...all of his friends wanted much more to do with us then he did but again that is good and just shows that he is attached to his caregivers. Then we went to the playground. That is where Murat let us in. We played chase on the playground (the one WPA and Jim built - thanks so much) chasing him up to the slide and following him down. He would look back until we came down behind him and bumped into him. If we didn't he would look for us - whichever one of us was missing. He was all smiles and giggles. He let us tickle him...he seemed to like it. He let us hold him and he LOVES being picked up or thrown in the air and let me tell you this kid is NOT light! He is HUGE. He completely fills out the size 9 shoe...and his 3T/4T clothes. He is thick/stocky - big boy. He is precious though....he said mama and papa and Olga while on the swing...after being told too. He is smart and apparently VERY THIRSTY...ha ha....the way to Murat's heart is through a juicebox. He swallowed the entire thing down...said SCREW THE STRAW MAMA...well through actions not words and sucked it down. It was too cute. While he suckled I kissed his chipmunk cheeks and held him. His cheeks are huge. He is gorgeous...we are way too lucky that we are getting to be his parents.

We are doing great. We love it here. We visit Murat from 10 to 11 and then again from 4 to 5 daily. It is 6:15pm pm here AND 9:15am by you guys! We have a ton of pics and video and will upload when we can. Right now we are at a client's apt using her internet.

We love and miss all of you....especially our precious Ellison!!!!!!!

Temple and Rusty (and Murat)


Anita said...

Yay!! congratulations! That's such great news!!!! He sounds adorable! I can't wait to see the photos! I know you must be feeling so elated right now!

shannon said...

Temple & Rusty ... what beautiful pictures! Your joy is contagious. Enjoy and keep posting updates,

Big hugs,

Traci said...

Oh how exciting! I remember that first meeting as if it where yesterday and it's been almost 8 years ago. You will treasure this memory for the rest of your life. Blessings to your sweet family!